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Admission For Transfer Students

Have attended a college other than NCCC prior to enrollment at NCCC

  • Complete the Application for Admission and submit it with the $20.00 application fee. (If you applied to another CT community college, this fee is waived).
  • Submit proof of high school completion or GED completion (diploma or transcript).
  • Submit proof of immunization records for measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), and varicella. (MMR requirements waived if born prior to January 1, 1957. Varicella requirement waived if born prior to January 1, 1980) Immunization form available on NCCC website
  • Submit transcripts of previous course work to determine if the computerized Placement Test can be waived. If you are in a degree/certificate program and are requesting an official transfer evaluation, an official copy must be requested and sent from previous college(s) to NCCC Admissions Office.
  • Sign application in the Three designated areas on page 4 of application.

Looking to transfer out-of-state?

Looking to transfer in-state?

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ruth Gonzalez to begin transfer planning.

Dual Admissions with the Connecticut State University System

Transfer Course Equivalency Guide

The Connecticut State University System (CSUS) and the Connecticut Community College System have developed a Transfer Compact which offers Dual Admission to students who are planning to enroll at a CSUS university after completing an associate's degree.

UCONN – Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP)

The Guaranteed Admission Program is an agreement between the Connecticut Community College System and the University of Connecticut. Students who plan to continue their studies to earn a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, Agriculture and Natural Resources or Business are guaranteed admission to the University of Connecticut once the associate degree has been earned, appropriate courses have been completed, and minimum grades and requirements for the selected program have been achieved.

For further information about transfer programs, please contact:
Dr. Ruth Gonzalez, Director of Student Development
Green Woods Hall, Rm 220