Class Information/Course Syllabi


ACC 113 Principles of Financial Accounting

ACC 117 Principles of Managerial Accounting

ACC 271 Intermediate Accounting I

ACC 272 Intermediate Accounting II

ANT 101 Intro to Anthropology

ART 100 Art Appreciation

ART 101 Art History I

ART 102 Art History II

ART 111 Drawing I

ART 112 Drawing II

ART 113 Figure Drawing I

ART 121 Two Dimensional Design

ART 122 Three Dimensional Design

ART 131 Sculpture I

ART 133 Pottery for non majors

ART 141 Photography I with Lab

ART 142 Photogrpahy II with Lab

ART 151 Painting I

ART152 Painting II

ART 159 Independent Study in Painting

ART 161 Ceramics I

ART 164 Ceramics Throwing

ART 169 Stained Glass

ART 187 Museum Treasures Re-View

ART 187 Museum Treasures- Yale Center for British Art

ART 249 Independent Study Photography

ART 270 Digital Imagining

ART 274 Video and Motion Fundamentals

ART 275 Digital Video Postproduction

ART 276 Introduction to 3D Animation 

ART 277 3D Character Animation

ART 278 Experiential Animation

ART 298 Special Topics Pottery for the Non Majors

ART 298-01 Special Topics Advanced Portfolio Project

ASD 010 Student Success Seminar I

ASD 075 Pre-Algebra Skills

ASD 086 Elementary Reading and Grammar Remediation

ASD 092 Elementary Writing and Reading Skills Development

ASL 100 Sign Vocabulary

ASL 101 American Sign Language I

ASL 102 American Sign Language II

ASL 201 American Sign Language III

ASL 202 American Sign Language IV

ASL 205 Linguistics of ASL

ASL 206 Advanced ASL for Interpreters


BBG 210 Business Communication

BFN 201 Business Finance

BIO 110 Principles of the Human Body

BIO 110 Principles of the Human Body Lab

BIO 115 Human Biology

BIO 115 Human Biology Lab

BIO 121 General Biology I

BIO 122 General Biology II

BIO 127 Cell Biology and Organ Systems Lab

BIO 127 Cell Biology with Organ System

BIO 155 General Botany with Lab

BIO 178 General Ecology with Lab

BIO 211 Anatomy and Physiology I Lecture

BIO 211 Anatomy and Physiology I Lecture Lab

BIO 212 Anatomy-Physiology II 

BIO 212 Anatomy-Physiology II Lab

BIO 235 Microbiology with Lab

BIO 238 Parasitology

BIO 270 Ecology with Lab

BMG 202 Principles of Management

BMG 220 Human Resource Management

BMK 201 Principles of Marketing

BMK 230 Advertising & Promotion


CHE 111 Concepts of Chemistry Lab

CHE 111 Concepts of Chemistry

CHE 121 General Chemistry I

CHE 121 General Chemistry I Lab

CHE 122 General Chemistry II with Lab

CJS 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice

CJS 120 Police and the Community

CJS 211 Criminal Law I

CJS 212 Criminal Law II

CJS 213 Evidence and Criminal Procedure

CJS 220 Criminal Investigation

CJS 225 Forensic Science

CJS 250 Police Organization and Administration

CJS 257 Terrorism

CJS 258 Street Gangs and Organized Crime

COL 099 Freshman College Experience

COL 100 CF-Science & Health Careers

COM 101 Intro to Mass Communications

COM 173 Public Speaking

CSA 105 Intro to Software Applications

CSA 135 Spreadsheet Applications

CSA 151 Web Construction

CSA 155 Multimedia Communications

CSA 163 The Internet

CSA 205 Advanced Applications

CSC 102 Intro to Computer Science

CSC 104 Introduction to Logic and Programming

CSC 105 Programming Logic

CSC 180 Computer Ethics

CSC 204 Intro to Logic & Programming

CSC 205 Visual Basic I

CSC 207 Introduction to Visual Basic

CSC 210 C Programming

CSC 220 Object Oriented Programming using Java

CSC 223 Java Programming I

CSC 233 Database Development I

CSC 236 Intro to Client Server Systems

CSC 250 Systems Analysis and Design

CSC 295 Cooperative Education-Work Experience

CST 110 Intro to Information Technology

CST 140 Intro to Computer Hardware

CST 150 Web Design and Development I

CST 151 Web Construction

CST 154 Web Coding & Development

CST 180 Networking

CST 201 Introduction to Management Information Systems

CST 210 Operating Systems

CST 250 Web Design and Development II

CST 257 Web Design and Development III


DSC 101 Visual-Gestural Communication

DCS 110 Orientation to Deafness

DSC 114 Intro to Deaf Cultures and Deaf People I

DSC 214 Deaf Culture and Deaf People II

DCS 218 Selected Topics in Deaf Studies

DSC 219 ASL Literature

DSC 222 Field Experience in Deaf Studies


ECE 101 Intro to Early Childhood Education

ECE 103 Creative Experiences for Young Children

ECE 106 Music and Movement for Young Children

ECE 109 Math & Science for Young Children

ECE 141 Infant-Toddler Growth & Development

ECE 176 Health Safety and Nutrition

ECE 182 Child Development

ECE 206 Administration and Supervision of ECE Programs

ECE 210 Observation Participation and Seminar

ECE 222 Methods and Techniques in ECE

ECE 231 Early Language & Literature

ECE 275 Child, Family & School Relations

ECE 290 Student Teaching

ECE 291 Student Teaching II

ECN 101 Principles of Macroeconomics

ECN 102 Principles of Microeconomics

ENG 003 Foundations of Reading

ENG 013 Writing Foundations of English

ENG 033 Foundations of English

ENG 063 Intro to Essay

ENG 073 Academic Reading 

ENG 085 Academic Reading and Writing

ENG 093 Intro to College Reading and Writing

ENG 096 Intro to College English

ENG 101 Composition

ENG 101W Composition with Workshop

ENG 102 Literature and Composition

ENG 114 Children's Literature

ENG 231 British Literature I

ENG 232 British Literature II

ENG 281 Creative Writing

EVS 100 Intro to Environmental Science



FRE 101 Elementary French I


GENL 012 Selected Topics for Deaf/HH I

GENL 081 Elementary Grammar Remediation & Development

GENL 082 Elementary Writing Remedial Development-Deaf

GENL 083 Elementary Reading & Vocabulary Development

GENL 085 Intro Reading and Writing Development- Deaf 

GEO 101 Intro to Geography

GEO102 Intro to Human Geography

GEO 111 World Regional Geography

GER 101 Elementary German I

GER 102 Elemenatary German II

GRA 151 Graphic Design I

GRA 227 Interactive Media

GRA 252 Graphic Design2

GRA 253 Graphic Design III

GRA 254 Graphic Design IV

GRA 260 Web Design


HIM 101 Medical Terminology

HIM 102 Intro Health Care Systems

HIM 201 Health Information Management Principles

HIS 101 Western Civilization I

HIS 102 History of Western Civilization II

HIS 201 U.S. History I

HIS 202 U.S History II

HIS 213 The US Since World War II

HIS 226 The US Civil War 

HIS 229 and ENG 229 Topics in American Studies

HIS 242 Modern Ireland

HLT 103 Investigations in Health Careers

HPE 108 Strength and Tone

HPE 110 Basic Aerobics and Sculpting

HPE 112 Aquacize

HPE 127 Total Fitness

HPE 160 Target Archery

HPE 261 Yoga

HPE 274 Zumba® Fitness

HPE 281 Indoor Climbing

HPE 282 Backpacking

HPE 283 Outdoor Climbing

HPW 030 Life and Career Planning

HPW 032 Career Directions

HSE 101 Intro to Human Services

HSE 202 Intro to Counseling and Interviewing

HSE 203 Theories of Counseling

HSE 235 Professional & Ethical Issues in Human Services

HSE 281 Human Services Field Work I

HSE 282 Human Services Field Work II

HUM 200 Language & Culture: France


INT 103 Pre Interpreting Skills

INT 112 Consecutive Interpreting

INT 113 Interpreting Consecutive & Transliterating

INT 121 Pro Standards in Interpreting

INT 132 Artistic Interpreting

INT 134 Educational Interpreting

INT 214 Advanced Sign to Voice

INT 216 Transliteration Eng to Eng

INT 230 Interpreting with Specialized Populations

INT 231 Intro to Interpretation in Health Care Situations

INT 242 Practicum & Seminar in Interpreting


MAT 075 Prealgebra

MAT 085 PreAlgebra/Number Sense/Geometry & Elementary Algebra

MAT 094 Intro Algebra

MAT 095 Elementary Algebra

MAT 135 Topics in Contemporary Math

Mat 137 Intermediate Algebra

Mat 137W Intermediate Algebra w-Workshop

Mat 137X Intermediate Algebra Extended

Mat 167 Principles of Statistics

MAT 186 Precalculus

MAT 254 Calculus I

MED 111 Admin Medical Assisting

MED 113 Healthcare Insurance

MED 115 Medical Coding and Billing

MED 125 Medical Terminology

MED 133 Clinical Medical Assisting

MED 216 Electronic Medical Records Mgt.

MED 245 Clinical Lab Procedures

MED 250 Principles of Pharmacology

MED 261 Application of Clinical and Laboratory Skills

MED 281 Medical Assisting Externship

MED 285 Externship in Hosp PT Care Tech

MFG 102 Manufacturing Processes

MFG 103 Manufacturing Processes Lab

MFG 124 Blueprint Reading I

MUS 101 Music History Appreciation I

MUS 109 History of Music in Film

MUS 137 History and Appreciation of Jazz

MUS 298 Special Topics: Musical Juxtapositions


NUR 201 Nursing Care Of Individuals And Families I

NUR 202 Pharm Inter Needs


PHL 101 Intro to Philosophy

PHL 111 Ethics

PHL 112 Medical Ethics

PHL 116 Business and Professional Ethics

PHL 151 World Religions

PHL 178 Modern Philosophy

PHY 110 Introductory Physics

PHY 121 General Physics

PHY 221 Calculus-Based Physics

POL 111 American Government

POL 122 Politics of Social Welfare

PSY 104 Psychology of Adjustment

PSY 111 General Psychology I

PSY 112 General Psychology II

PSY 201 Lifespan Development

PSY 204 Child and Adolescent Development

PSY 245 Abnormal Psychology

PSY 258 Behavior Modification

PSY 260 Psychology of the Exceptional Child


RLS 101 Intro Recreation and Leisure Services

RLS 102 Social Recreation

RLS 121 Intro to Therapeutic Recreation

RLS 122 Procedures and Techniques inTherapeutic Recreation

RLS 171 Programming Adventure Educati on

RLS 201 First Aid and Emergency

RLS 219 Therapeutic Recreation Field Work

RLS 215 Recreation Leadership and Supervision

RLS 221 Therapeutic Rec Programming


SCI 099 Fundamental Concepts in Science

SOC 101 Principles of Sociology

SOC 201 Contemporary Social Issues

SOC 240 Criminology

SOC 241 Juvenile Delinquency

SOC 298 Special Topics: Parent Leadership Through Civic Engagement

SOC 298 Special Topics: Race Gender and Ethnicity

SPA 101 Elementary Spanish I

SPA 102 Elementary Spanish II

SPA 213 Interm Conversation & Contemp Issues


THR 125 Intro to Tech Theater with Lab


VET 100 Intro to Animal Care

VET 101 Intro to Veterinary Technology

VET 102 Veterinary Office Management and Communication

VET 151L Small Animal Vet Lab

VET 151 Small Animal Vet Tech

VET 152 Large Animal Veterinary Tech

VET 201 Vet Anatomy & Physiology I

VET 201 Vet Anatomy & Physiology I Lab

VET 202 Vet Anatomy & Physiology II

VET 205 Vet Lab Procedures

VET 212 Principles of Imaging

VET 220 Animal Pathology

VET 230 Veterinary Anesthesia and Surgical Nursing

VET 240 Periodontal & Oral Radiology