Student Activities

The Student Activities Office (GW110) is located on the lower level of Green Woods Hall. The office is responsible for the operation of a variety of student- centered services such as student insurance, lost and found (also at the Information Center in Founders Hall),  event ticket sales, parking permits, and housing lists. This office also promotes student-sponsored educational, cultural, and recreational programs through clubs and the Student Senate.

The Student Senate, advised by Kathy Chapman, also works closely with this office in the budgeting of the Student Activities Fund.

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Creative Collective - creates the appreciation and practice of all forms of art in our own membership and the surrounding communities. This is accomplished by promoting collaboration between diverse types of art to enrich our artistic foundations; furthering interests and activities in the surrounding community; and encouraging relationships between artists for present and future opportunities. Advisors: Janet Nesteruk and Michael Yurgeles, 860-738-6384.

Criminal Justice Association - Promotes the Criminal Justice Program at NCCC through speakers, programs and scholarship. Advisor: Michael Emanuel, 860-738-6389.

Crochet Club – provides students a relaxed atmosphere where they can learn the art of crochet while experiencing social opportunities outside the classroom. It encourages the development and teaching of skills to benefit each other and the group as a whole. Advisor: contact Kathy Chapman in Student Activities at 860-738-6344.

Early Childhood Education - Promotes the well-being of the children and parents of the Child Development Center through activities, meetings, and fund-raising to benefit the Child Development Center. It encourages parent involvement and communication at the Child Development Center and in the College community. It develops a connection between the College students, the Child Development Center, and the surrounding community.
Advisor: Michelle Better, 860-738-6305.


Clubs and Organizations
NCCC  has a variety of clubs and organizations that offer unique experiences and opportunities for students to become involved in the campus community. Each club is designed with a specific purpose that is intended to enhance the lives of the students.

Christian Students Association “The Outlet” - Promotes efforts to meet the needs of the community, including college students, to further individual spiritual growth by offering opportunities for fellowship through Bible studies and various events.  It encourages students in their spiritual walk by drawing closer to Christ in their words and deeds. Advisor: Paul Atkinson, 860-738-6388.

CAVT -Connecticut Association of Veterinary Technicians -Promotes educational and social activities for Veterinary Technology students.  It furthers their knowledge and involvement with animals within our community and beyond. It encourages continuing education after graduation and involvement in professional organizations. Advisor: Susan Engwall, 860-738-6485.



History Association -Promotes an appreciation of the historical past through shared discovery.  It furthers historical knowledge and advances critical thought. Advisor: Todd Bryda, 860-738-6302.

Health Professions Club - Provides meetings and social gatherings to bring together those people interested in health and health-related careers. Educates students, faculty and the general public on pertinent aspects of good health and disease prevention. This club promotes better health habits throughout the community and raises money to be added to the general scholarship fund in the club's name. Advisor: Jane O’Grady, 860-738-6393.

Northwest Deaf Club - The Northwest Deaf Club brings together deaf and hard-of-hearing students and students of American Sign Language for cultural, social and recreational activities. It promotes overall development of club members. It develops knowledge and skill in parliamentary procedures and helps students gain experience in group decision making. Advisor: Maureen Chalmers, 860-738-6396.

NCCC Student Nurses Association – promotes accountable, compassionate and skilled graduates that can continually advance the art and science of the nursing profession. Advisor: Jayne Mednick, 860-738-6421.

New Clubs Pending:
• Dungeons and Dragons
• Journalism Club
• Sports Club

PTK Honor Society -Phi Theta Kappa, established in 1918, is a national honor society for two-year colleges. The purpose is to recognize and encourage scholarship among its students.  NCCC started a Phi Theta Kappa chapter, Alpha Nu Epsilon, in the spring of 1987. Membership is extended by invitation. To be considered, a student must: 1) be enrolled in an Associate Degree Program; 2) have accumulated 12 credits in course work leading to that degree; 3) have a 3.45 grade point average; and 4) be of good moral character and possess recognized qualities of citizenship. To achieve its mission, Phi Theta Kappa shall provide opportunities for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for the exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence. Advisors: Sharon Gusky, 860-738-6395 & Todd Bryda, 860-738-6302.

REAL Club- The REAL Club aims to promote equality among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and questioning students and their allies. The club is open to all people regardless of their sexual orientation, and allies who support the culture and wish to participate. The club raises money through assorted fundraisers such as bake sales (scheduled and on-demand). Advisor: Tim Haskell, 860-738-6376.

Spanish Club - The purpose of this club is to educate the college and community about Latin Culture, to participate in cultural activities and to promote community service. Advisor: Jessica Treat, 860-738-6340.

Student Senate - Student Activity Funds are disbursed and students' interests represented under the Constitution of the Northwestern Connecticut Community College Association. The Senate is composed of nineteen Senators - seven from the Freshman Class, Seven from the Sophomore Class, and five officers. Elections for Freshman vacancies are held by the first week of October. The Senate administers the Student Activities Fund, charters student clubs and organizations, allocates funds to them and coordinates their activities, and is regarded as the official representative body for students. In this capacity, the Senate has the authority to consult and make recommendations to the faculty and administration regarding matters affecting student welfare. Advisor: Kathy Chapman, 860-738-6344.

Women's Resource Center - Promotes networking and dissemination of information among women students and the NCCC community. The Women’s Resource Center is located at Green Woods Hall Rm 313. The Center offers information materials and programs on women’s concerns/issues. It is a comfortable place for meetings, workshops, exhibits and socialization. All are welcome. Advisor: Sue Berg, 860-738-6342.

For information on Student Health Insurance, please click here.

Several clubs that have previously existed on campus but are presently inactive can be reactivated by interested students. They are as follows: Accounting Club, Climbing Club, Computer Club, Fine Art Society, Literary Club, Northwest Educators Club, Outreach, Outdoor Skills Club, Peace Club, Recreation Club, Theatre Group, Video and Animation Society, and Women’s Club.  For more information about these organizations, or to start a new organization, please contact the Student Activities Office at GW110, 860-738-6344, or email Kathy Chapman.