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Find out what federal and state assistance programs you may qualify for at the United Way's 211 Navigator
 Ventures Citizenship - click on the button once there...
Online history resources for teachers
Your window to Early America 
U.S. Citizenship Made Simple
A Handbook on Naturalization & Citizenship

 A National Citizenship Plan

There are 307 local CLINIC affiliates.  Click here to find one in your state.

U.S. Citizen & Immigration Services 
For the student: has lots of links to various quizzes, lessons, and activities.  
For the instructor:  Courses in U.S. government, naturalization, and rights and responsibilities of citizens. 
The Naturalization Test - Questions & Answers
American History 
Integrated Civics 
Principles of American Democracy
System of Government
Rights and Responsibilities
Newspapers, dictionaries, and translators
Topics - An online magazine for Learners of English 
The Homesick Site!  Read your local paper (anywhere in the world) at The Internet Public Library.
Go to to easily find the information you are looking for.
2-1-1 Infoline will help you connect with community resources in Connecticut.  This site contains over 6,000 health and human service providers, searchable by category, agency name or service.  A joint project of the United Way and the State of Connecticut.
Say "Please" and you'll get what you want! gives you quick links to the Almanacs, Atlas, Encyclopedia, Dictionary and Thesaurus. has a quick language translator, just for you.
Another translator to help you out.
Irregular Verb Dictionary A big cyber-book of help.
Try the newly released Text to Speech Translator by  Type in a sentence and hear the 'bot' speak the sentence.  Translates to/from 12 languages.
ESL games, lessons, and activities
ESL links for independent study... while Amy is away! 
Apples for the Teacher - drag/drop crossword puzzles and more!
The ESL Learning Center
Video English lessons
We Are New York - Practice English 
Goodwill Community Foundation - Computers, Reading, and Math lessons
Ventures Arcade -
Minnesota Literacy Council - sharing the Power of Learning!
Listening, Reading, and Writing skills work
FALL  2011  ESL 3 FAVORITE WEBSITES ~ aka Amy's class! watch video clips & answer comprehension questions, many grammar practice exercises, pronunciation practice, and vocabulary building exercises for teachers to use for vocabulary development with pictures excellent site for students wishing additional video instruction with a vast array of grammar topics presented by a variety of English teachers practice real English conversations by reading & listening to dialogues check  words you don’t know how to spell or pronounce watch movies for free with English or Spanish subtitles, a fine way to learn English enter  English grammar ESL or chalk n talk  Brian Rhodes in the search box for a large variety of lessons

FALL  2010  ESL 3 favorites: – easy to understand, useful charts, concise information, good interactive quizzes – easy to use & understand format – great resource for many topics/sign up for word of the day for daily practice, good interactive quizzes – learn English through videos in 10 categories, many with scripts & comprehension questions – good for intermediate level grammar lessons – keep track of your progress on this excellent site for beginner & intermediate English learners – huge site with almost 8000 categorized links, lists best web sites for information about a great variety of topics (perhaps better for teachers than students), associated blog as well

365 ESL Short Stories - great site for listening & reading, vocabulary, writing practice, conversation
Amy's ESL 3 class ~ Fall 2009 came up with their favorite websites - check 'em out!
A rich collection of videos on all facets of skills development.  Compiled and offered through California State University. - Amy's favorite! - Susan's favorite!
One Stop English - lesson plans & tips for teachers in the ESL program. 
Learn how to speak fluently in English with
eMINTS: eThemes by title is an extensive database of resources organized around specific themes.
eMINTS: eThemes by grade level is an extensive database of resources organized around specific themes. totes themselves as the BEST English-Learners site on the Net!
Find the poetry in your soul!  Visit to express yourself.
Sheppard Software offers up games in Geography, Animal, Quiz, Vocabulary, and Chemistry.  A well designed, fun site that makes learning fun!
Build your reading and life skills by going to Adult Learning Activities.  Every life skill you can think of! (ADVANCED)
Listening lessons like "The shopping trip" and "Going to the wedding".
ManyThings brings you word games, puzzles, jokes, quizzes, podcasts, exercises, slang, proverbs and much more.  Includes "Hangman", "Travel Survival", "Slang of the Day", "Crossword Puzzles".
The Internet TESL Journal brings you a site full of quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles This TESL Journal project site has thousands of contributions by many teachers.
ESL.about guides instructors and students to numerous sites for those seeking ESL help.
ESL Activities Online MouseMaster, Crazy English, Terrible Teacher (ADVANCED)
ESL Cafe An Internet hangout place for ESL teachers and students (ADVANCED)
English exercises online Handouts for teachers, activities for students (ADVANCED)
Link to popular ESL web sites for students and teachers.
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab.  Easy, medium and difficult English conversations you may encounter, plus quizzes for practice & comprehension.
Read the newspaper The Learning Edge.  Click on an article to make it come alive! (ADVANCED)
Focus on Grammar - Student & Teacher Resources                                            Introductory     Basic     Intermediate     Advanced
Computers and the Internet
Very introductory lessons in... Computer mouse skills
More mouse practice... Mr. Potato! 
Computer skills through typing, mouse, and Internet activities and games. Designed for kids, but who isn't a kid?
Typing lessons by  See how nimble your fingers are!  
Typing lessons by
Welcome to Learn the Net, a website dedicated to helping you master this amazing medium (in Spanish too!).
Basic Online Skills Help for Computer, E-Mail, Word Processing, and Web
Another Computer mouse tutorial    
Lessons on Life, Math, Money, Computers, Work, Career  - in English or Spanish.    Username: ncccesl    Password: ncccesl

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