High School Partnership Program Information

The High School Partnership Program is a special program designed to enable qualified high school juniors and seniors to take up to two college courses each semester at no charge. Students may register for specific developmental courses and/or 100-level or higher courses and must meet the prerequisites for the course(s) they wish to register for. Students with a minimum of eighty percent scholastic average are eligible to participate in the program. Final selection will be based on the recommendation of the high school program coordinator and the principal. With the recommendation of the school principal, a flexible interpretation of the minimum scholastic average will be permissible. High school students admitted to the program will be eligible to enroll in a maximum of two Northwestern Connecticut Community College (NCCC) credit courses each semester on a space-available basis at no charge. The students are responsible for buying their own books and providing their own transportation.

For Guidance Counselors Only HSP Registration Form

The deadline for application submission to NCCC is:
November 15th for Spring Semester Courses

June 15th for Fall Semester Courses

For questions or more information, please contact:
Joanne Nardi, NCCC High School Partnership Coordinator
(860) 738-6329 or jnardi@nwcc.commnet.edu