NCCC Administrative Officers



Barbara Douglass, Ph.D., President

Steven R. Frazier, Ph.D., Dean of Administration

Patricia Bouffard, D.N.Sc., Dean of Academic & Student Affairs

Stacey Williams, Academic Division Director

Sharon Gusky, Interim Academic Division Director

Constance Hotchkiss, Academic Division Director, Nursing & Allied Health

Wendy Bovia, Director of Human Resources & Equal Employment Officer

Alice Joyce, Human Resources Associate

Ruth Gonzalez, Director of Student Development

Lou Bristol, Director of Financial Aid Services

Joanne Nardi, Director of Enrollment Management

James Patterson, Director of Library Services

Kathleen Chapman, Director of Student Activities

Grantley S. Adams, Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Caitlin Boger-Hawkins, Director of Planning, Research & Institutional Effectiveness

Beverly King, Director of Education Technology

Debra Zavatkay, Registrar

Joseph Danajovits, Director of Information Technology

Kimberly Dragan, Director of Finance & Administrative Services

Gary Greco, Associate Professor/Program Coordinator, Interpreter Preparation ASL/English