2011 Remittance Form   •   2010 Donor list

Dear Friends:

As so often happens, crisis can bring about opportunity. Just as the college struggles to weather the economic storm, many of our students are studying hard to improve their chances for better employment or lay a foundation to continue their education elsewhere.

Throughout the state, community colleges enroll more students than the University of Connecticut and Connecticut State Universities. At Northwestern, our enrollment has grown by 26% in the last 10 years.

In January 2011, thanks to many generous donors, we welcomed our first nursing class, thus becoming only the sixth community college out of twelve to offer an Associate Degree in Nursing leading to RN licensure.

As a donor to the Northwestern Community College Foundation (NCCF), you understand the vital importance of this educational gem to the students and community of northwestern Connecticut. Without your support there would be more students struggling to pay for their classes, fewer educational clubs and less opportunity for the public to participate in the college activities.

You may not know that the NCCF supports Art and Music History courses each year, which are open to students as well as the public. In addition, the NCCF provides financial support for activities at the college such as Commencement, the Student Senate and the History Club. Of special note this past year were the ground breaking Clean Energy Conference and The Highwaymen Art Exhibit & Lecture.

A core function of the NCCF is to provide scholarship assistance to students. During this school year, 21 scholarships for a total of $21,800 were awarded to students at Northwestern Connecticut Community College (NCCC) which made a direct impact on their educational future. College wide, 50% of our students receive some form of financial aid.

You are needed now, more than ever. Your support allows the NCCF to provide the resources so that NCCC can offer a full college experience; from academics to student support and community activities. In advance, thank you for your generous contribution to the Annual Fund.



Louise Van Alstyne                                   Barbara Douglass, Ph.D.

President, NCCF/RAC                                 President, NCCC