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The Documentation of Sources

The writing process often requires the gathering and analyzing of information. When that information is the product of another person's research or is another person's ideas, it must be acknowledged, or cited.  Not giving documentation credit is to present the material as yours, which is intellectual dishonesty and a form of plagiarism.

The Documentation of Sources

Because there are several styles of documentation, each suiting a particular discipline, it is important to consult with your professor to learn which style he/she requires. The most commonly used documentation styles at Northwestern are the MLA, APA, and CSE.

Click on the links below to view the guidelines for each format.

  MLA (Modern Language Association) Style
Used by the English department and most other humanities disciplines

  APA (American Psychological Association) Style
Commonly used by the psychology department and the behavioral and social sciences

Click here for a short video explaining APA-style citation

  CSE (Council of Science Editors) Style
The preferred format of the science department.  - MLA- and APA-style citation composer on the Web

How to use NoodleTools - An Illustrated Guide from setting up an account to creating a "Works Cited" page in Microsoft Word.