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High School Partnership

High School Partnership
Northwestern Connecticut Community College is proud to have a High School Partnership (HSP) program with several area high schools. The program provides qualified area high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to enroll in up to two NCCC credit courses each semester at no charge. Students may take specific developmental courses or college-level courses. All are offered on a space-available basis.

Please contact your high school guidance counselor to determine your eligibility for the program. Students must have an 80% or better scholastic average to participate in NCCC’s HSP program. High school counselors and principals make the final determination on who can participate in the program and can use his or her discretion to interpret the minimum scholastic average depending on other relevant factors.

Students are responsible for buying or renting their own books, as well as for transportation to and from NCCC.

Deadlines for forms to high school guidance departments:
For Spring Semester Courses: November 15th
For Fall Semester Courses: June 15th
HSP Registration Form 

Home-School Student Eligibility:
Currently, NCCC is offering eligible area home-schooled students an opportunity to participate in the HSP program (subject to change). Students must live in a town that participates in NCCC’s HSP program to be eligible. The first 10 home-schooled students that submit their HSP registration form to the Admissions Office will be considered for the program. Deadlines are strictly adhered to and students must meet with Darryl Reome, HSP Coordinator prior to the deadline. To schedule an appointment please call 860-738-6330.

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