Professor Jane Mednick
Jayne Goodrich-Mednick
Assistant Professor in Nursing
FH 314
B.S.N., University of Michigan
M.S.N., University of Hartford
860.738.6421  email

Educational Philosophy

Nursing education should be a partnership comprised of educators, students and their support systems, and the global community; devoted to helping students strive to become educated, confident, and competent nurses, who will respond to the needs of a changing world. My philosophy of teaching and learning to be an effective nurse educator incorporates several key principles that can be identified by the following PHILOSOPHY acronym:

Personal Teaching Style to accommodate the learning environment that is created.

Have Mutual Respect as the teacher and learner journey together along the path of inquiry.

Identify Readiness to Learn to maximize the use of teachable moments.

Love of Nursing must be genuine to motivate the student nurse to embrace the profession.

Opportunities for Focused Reflection & Articulation should be provided to practice and refine critical thinking.

Serve as a Role Model to inspire students to become life-long learners in the nursing profession.

Offer Praise for effort and mastery of skills and provide guidance to overcome obstacles.

Provide Evidence-Based Teaching that is grounded in theory and demonstrates professional practice expertise.

Honor Success of the learner in achieving goals.

Yearn for Feedback that can refine how to be an effective nurse educator.

Courses Taught

Nursing Care of Individuals & Families I, Nursing Care of Individuals & Families II, Nursing Management & Trends


Student Advising and Clubs

Senior Nursing Student Advisor

National Student Nursing Association Advisor


Professional Organizations

National League for Nursing

Connecticut League for Nursing

Mu Chapter-Sigma Theta Tau

Other Interests

Anything that involves water: swimming, snorkeling, skiing, sailing, boating, even fishing!

Have to read the book before I see the movie…

Big Ten Football (Go Blue!)