Northwest Community College

Student Employment & Loans

Northwestern Connecticut Community College offers students a variety of financial aid options. Two of which are NCCC Student Employment and Education Loans. Both are great options, but our goal at NCCC is to help students find an education financing plan that will work for them both now and in the future. We make it a point to share any and all information with NCCC students so that you can make an educated decision about what form of financial aid will be best for you and your family.


NCCC Student Employment

NCCC's Financial Aid Office is the clearinghouse for all student employment. There are a variety of on-campus jobs available to students who need financial assistance. Applications for student employment are available at the Financial Aid Office on campus. Those interested should fill out an application as early as possible as limited funds make this financial aid program one of NCCC's most competitive. The main requirement for participation in the Federal Work Study program at NCCC is that a student must have applied for financial assistance and been determined to demonstrate financial need.


Education Loans

NCCC participates in the Federal Direct Loan Program and follows the regulations and policies associated with responsible financial planning. As amended by the Student Aid Reform Act, loan funds now come directly from the federal government rather than from private lenders. It is important that students remember to apply for grants and scholarships first, before an education loan, as they do not have to be repaid. It helps to avoid having to take on education debt at the community college level. 

Acceptance of this philosophy to avoid long-term education loan debt has resulted in NCCC students finding a less costly way to meet their tuition and fees obligations. If you have examined the options for installment payments with an early payment option, but find it absolutely necessary to borrow a Federal Direct Loan, you must:

  • Apply for admission to NCCC early and complete all requirements for that process.

  • File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) well before the intended academic term.

  • Obtain from NCCC's Financial Aid Office a “Loan Request Form” and submit it at least two months before the academic term for which it is intended.

  • Understand that the request for a loan is forwarded to a Loan Review Committee for examination of academic and financial history. The Committee retains the authority to approve, deny or reduce the loan amount of the request and inform the Financial Aid Office of its decision.

  • Decisions made by the Loan Review Committee may not be appealed to the U. S. Department of Education.

  • Upon approval of a loan request, even for a reduced amount, the Financial Aid Office will notify you that you need to make an appointment to complete a Loan Entrance Counseling session to ensure that you fully understand your rights and responsibilities. Failure to complete this counseling will result in your loan request being denied.

  • Understand that Federal Direct or Direct PLUS Loans are disbursed to the NCCC student’s tuition account in at least two equal installments with the second installment scheduled no earlier than the midpoint of the loan period. Direct Loans cannot be disbursed until 30 days of an academic term have elapsed. 

Understand that you have the right to cancel or reduce the loan's request before disbursement and up to 14 days after disbursement by providing a written request to either NCCC's Financial Aid Office or Cashier’s Office.


NCCC also offers a tuition installment plan. For more information, please contact NCCC's Cashier's Office.