NCCC Computer Center


All resources and facilities of the System Data Center and campus computing sites are to be used for legitimate and authorized NCCC academic and administrative purposes. Computing resources include host computer systems, personal computers and workstations, communication networks, and software and data files.

NCCC reserves the right to monitor its computing resources to protect the integrity of its systems, workstations and lab facilities. Any computer related accounts issued to individuals are intended for the sole use of those individuals. The account holder is responsible for all usage on the assigned account. Any user of the College computing facilities violating these regulations is subject to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, the loss of computing privileges and legal action.


The following activities are examples of practices considered to be unacceptable, and in some cases, in violation of state or federal laws:

  • willful or malicious acts of deletion, alteration, or destruction of computer hardware or software
  • accessing another individual’s account, private files, or e-mail without permission of the owner
  • misrepresenting one’s identity in electronic communication
  • using computing resources to threaten or harass others
  • modifying any equipment belonging to or under the control of the computing facilities
  • viewing, downloading or printing of materials for purposes other than legitimate academic or administrative work
  • viewing, downloading or printing content of a violent, sexually graphic or suggestive nature that may constitute sexual harassment
  • copying, modifying, or disabling software licensed to NCCC
  • loading or storing non-College owned or licensed software and files on College equipment
  • excessive printing, software downloads and chat room usage
  • bringing food or drink into any computer classroom or lab
  • disobeying College and system computer policies, procedures and protocol
  • using the College systems for commercial or profit-making purposes