Center for Student Development

Within Student Development and College Information Services, the Student Development Division strives to create a supportive learning environment in which students are encouraged to reach their goals. The division promotes each student's academic, cultural,and personal growth in partnership with the faculty. The Student Development staff helps students to broaden their perspectives, increase opportunities, and develop a sense of social responsibility.

The Student Development staff offers a variety of services from one-to-one counseling to conferences and workshops. Schedules of events are posted regularly and printed in the Jabberwocky.

The Center for Student Development includes the Career Resource Library, labor market information from the Connecticut Department of Labor, computers linked to the Internet, brochures and pamphlets on local social services and drug and alcohol issues, and catalogs of area four-year colleges and universities.

Download the Center for Student Development brochure here.

Students can get a good idea of how their courses fit into their major course of study by going to the college's on-line services:

SART(Sexual Assault & Intimate Partner Violence Resource Team) Brochure

  • Choose Student Services and Financial Aid.
  • Choose Student Records
  • Click on Northwestern Degree Evals
  • Select current term
  • Click on “Click here to continue”
  • Choose term
  • Choose Major/program
  • Verify program
  • Choose evaluation term
  • Choose Detail Requirement