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Teaching Careers Transfer Pathways

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The transfer pathway for teaching careers is an advising program at NCCC that provides direction for students planning to enter specific education programs that lead to teaching certification in the State of Connecticut through cooperative agreements with a variety of colleges and universities. Students may elect to prepare for teacher certification in: 

Art Education – Grades K-12  
Early Childhood Education – Birth through Kindergarten or Nursery School through Grade 3 
Elementary Education – Grades K through 6 
Secondary Education – Grades 7 through 12 

All students planning to transfer to an education program must work closely with an advisor. Together the student and the advisor plan the best program of study based upon the student’s transfer goal. Students work with advisors to: 1. Select a Major – The Connecticut Department of Education requires that students select a liberal arts major in addition to their education certificate coursework. 2. Meet Admission Requirements for Specific Schools of Education – Students do not generally begin to take education courses until their junior year after they have been admitted to an education program. 3. Prepare to Take the Praxis I Test – The Connecticut Department of Education requires that students take the Praxis I test or qualify for exemption before admission to a college or university school of education. Students can use the Learning Plus software in the Academic Skills Center for Praxis preparation. Community College students can use this service for free.

Art Education: Janet Nesteruk,, 860-738-6384
Early Childhood Education: Michele Better,, 860-738-6305 
K-12 Teacher Preparation: Sharon Gusky,, 860-738-6395