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The Gallery at Founders Hall
The Gallery at Northwestern Connecticut Community College, is located in Founders Hall. It provides a unique showcase for professional exhibitions of contemporary art. Additionally, alumni and student shows are included in the yearly gallery schedule. Many art forms are represented including fine art, photography, video, installation, and digital media. Students have the opportunity to assist in exhibition installation, promotion, and can meet visiting artists. The Gallery provides a vital link between education and professional art practices.Funding for the Gallery comes from the College’s Cultural Planning Committee, The Center for Teaching, and the Art Department. For more information contact

Fall 2017 Exhibits

Opening> Sept 12, 3:00-5:00
Susan Stiller
Aug 28-Sept 22

Opening> Oct 5, 3:00-5:00
Deborah Velasquez
Oct 2-Oct 27

Opening> Nov 10, 3:00-5:00
Jason Werner
Nov 6- Dec 7


Spring 2018 Exhibits

OpeningFeb 2, 3:00-5:00
Alumni Show > Ethan Newman
Jan 23-February 17

Opening> March 8, 3:00-5:00
Suzanne Kirschner
March 5- April 5


Mad River Anthology
The Mad River Anthology is NCCC’s annual literary magazine which features literary and artistic work created by students currently studying at the college. The anthology has been published yearly since 1972. Writing featured in the anthology typically has been poetry, short expository prose pieces, short fiction, song lyrics, personal essays, and letters. The magazine’s literary and artistic content is chosen by English Department editors. Black and white photography is included from NCCC’s Art Department faculty and students. Pieces for consideration for the anthology may be submitted at any time, but normally submissions are solicited during the fall semester. Publication of The Mad River Anthology is sponsored by the Northwestern Connecticut Community College Foundation with the added resources of the College and various College organizations. For further information contact thaskell@

The Mad River Literary Festival
April is National Poetry Month and since April 1997 the College’s English Department faculty members have organized and sponsored the Mad River Literary Festival. The Festival week of events features free public readings by professional poets, fiction and nonfiction writers. In addition to prominent visiting writers brought in to highlight the Festival, an Open Reading of original creative work by NCCC students and community residents is also presented. Students are encouraged to sign up and read their work at the Festival’s Open Reading. Funding for the Mad River Literary Festival comes from the College’s Cultural Planning Committee, The Student Senate, The Center for Teaching, and the English Department. For further information contact

The Women's Resource Center
The Women’s Resource Center, located in Greenwoods Hall Room 313, offers information materials and programs on women’s concerns and issues. It is a comfortable place for meetings, workshops, exhibits and socialization. All are welcome.